Datahouse is all about providing cost efficient software solutions
About Datahouse
Datahouse is one of the most experienced Software developing Companies on the Island of Curacao.

Since 1982 we have been building Software for the Insurance Industry with a very high rate of success.

We also develop Custom Software for all types of businesses and over the years we became famous for our very user friendly designs and the high level of effiency that we build into our designs.

With the years we have obtained a superior and far reaching knowledge of the Insurance Industry which we utilize to provide optimal solutions to the Insurance Brokerage and Agency Community.

By having us design your software you can be assured of a very high quality and low maintenance software product utilizing state of the art techniques and procedures resulting in cost efficient office automation.

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The new ABAS Software version is being jointly developed by ITS Support NV and Datahouse NV. The Software is already in Alpha Testing and Goes to On-site Beta Testing on Sept. 16 2013 We expect to begin delivery and installation september 30th 2013

The new version called Abas 2013 or abas xiii,
requires a wide screen monitor with a resolution of minimum 1600x900 pixels due to its totally new design. It is much better compatible with Windows 7 workstations and is 100% based on the MySQL server. A Microsoft SQL Server version is scheduled for January 2014.
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Windows XP to be discontinued in April 2014

What does this mean for your applications?